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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. New millennium astrological chart.

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History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems. Natal Electional Horary. Solar symbol circled dot. Mercury 's winged helmet and caduceus.

Earth; a Solar symbol sun cross. Alternate symbol, a stylized globus cruciger. Scythe handle down , emblematic of Ceres as goddess of the Harvest. Jupiter 's thunderbolt or eagle. H in symbol taken from discoverer's last name, Herschel.

Sun Neptune Aspect (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile, inconjunct) [Astrology]

Neptune's trident. Pluto's Cap of invisibility the circle and a bident the arc under the circle , also a typical attribute of Pluto. PL monogram for Pl uto and Percival Lowell.

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Variant symbol used mainly by French, Spanish, and Italian speaking astrologers. Variant symbol invented by German astrologer Hermann Lefeldt in Used mostly by those that follow the Hamburg School of Astrology. Variant symbol used mostly used in German-speaking countries and Denmark. Arrow of the centaur , aiming to higher realms.

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Capricorn [28]. Body and head of a goat with the tail of a fish or face and horns of goat. Two or more planets in the same sign. A circle with a line implying two objects are in the same place also, the starting point of an angle. One sign apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the upper half of a hexagon see Sextile. Also known as dodecile.

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  • The bisecting line of a right angle see Square. Also known as semiquartile and octile. Two signs apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of a hexagon. Also known as quartile. Also known as trinovile. The glyph of the Semi-Square under the glyph of the Square, implying the sum of them both.

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    Also known as the sesquisquare , square-and-a-half , and trioctile. Five signs apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the lower half of a hexagon see Sextile. Also known as the inconjunct. Six signs apart The glyph of the Conjunction plus a circle on top of its line, implying two objects are in front opposed of each other.

    Retrograde motion. Symbol represents the apparent retrograde motion of a planet in an astrological chart.

    The Quincunx Aspect | The Finger of God | Pluto's Child Astrology

    Astraea [33]. Two serpents coiled around the rod. Alternative astrological symbol [33]. The scepter of a queen, Juno is the Roman equivalent of Greek Hera topped with a star. A spear variant has triangle on top Alchemical symbol for sulfur both variants see also Asteroids in astrology.

    The fire on the hearth or altar Roman equivalent of Greek Hestia. Stylized body of a centaur the circle is the horse part, the K-like glyph is the human part. Symbol devised by German astrologer Robert von Heeren in the late s [33]. An Eye of Providence ; proposed by astrologer Zane B. Stein [34]. The Hand of Eris ; also used non-astrologically by Discordians [34]. Apple of Discord [35].

    aries, virgo, scorpio

    In use by astrologers in Poland and by the astrology software Urania [34] [36]. Combination of the Hawaiian petroglyphs for woman and birthchild, as Haumea was the goddess of them. Engraved face of the Rapa Nui god Makemake [38]. Object and symbol are unrelated to the asteroid 26 Proserpina. Transpluto [33].

    Astrological symbols

    Glyph for planet Earth rotated 45 degrees. Lunar apogee. Black Moon Lilith. The traditional Black Moon Lilith is the position of the mean lunar apogee as measured from the geocenter ; variants of the Black Moon include replacing the mean orbit with a "true" osculating orbit or with an interpolated orbit; charting the empty focus of the Moon's orbit instead of the apogee; and measuring the desired point's barycentric or topocentric position instead of its geocentric position.

    Variant used for the calculated as opposed to mean position. Russian astrologer Pavel Globa invented this to serve as the symbolic opposite of Black Moon Lilith in the s. Ascending Node. Not all astrologers use the lunar nodes; however, their usage is very important in Vedic astrology.

    The two nodes together are most commonly referred to simply as the nodal axis , the lunar nodes , or the Moon's nodes. Descending Node. Libra is adored by Pisces, the spiritual side of all of us that is drawn to beauty as a metaphor for spiritual truth. For Pisces, Libran beauty has a truly compelling nature, speaking to the ideal. But Libra ignores wallflower Pisces or takes advantage of her, then throws her away. Leo has the sense to see the value in Pisces. Like a lion trying to catch a fish, but also trying to avoid the water, Leo is captivated by the glamour of illusion that Pisces weaves all around her and can quickly find himself out of his depth.

    Who worships Leo? Capricorn, naturally, who works hard to gain a leadership position, while Leo simply assumes the throne—how does Leo do that, anyway? And who worships silly, flighty Gemini? None other than Scorpio. Take a look at the sign listed here that you trash. Now take a look at the sign you treasure. Can they wind you around their little finger, then leave you wondering what really happened there?

    Hmm, maybe you should avoid that scene. Now what? Hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it! I have no doubt you are with who you are with for a reason, and your Sun signs are not the whole picture of how you relate. Not by a long shot. Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since and teaching since She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. We will treat your information with respect. No Comments. And there you have it.